Storytelling with a purpose

Lady in the Garden is based on filmmaker Dina Salha’s childhood memories of Wadad Rawdah El-Balah, a reclusive artist in Lebanon. Sparked by the resurfacing of Wadad's long lost paintings in Canada and thirty years of rumours about her controversial life, the film follows the director's journey to Lebanon as she seeks answers to Wadad's fate.

Lady in the Garden, what a beautiful film, this story needs to be heard.

Annette Hubber, Director, Real Film Festival

The Fulcrum, March 22, 2017

"Dina Salha reconnects with her past through the production of Lady in the Garden.

By Rowan Markovitch March 17, 2017

Eve Film Festival: Documentary details what happened to reclusive artsist.

By Spencer Van Dyk

Lady in the Garden

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